Through CEPE’s extensive research we have authored several books with the aim of putting theory into practice. Our hope is that, through these, we can bring tangible results to those working in the field.

Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering


Integrate critical roles to improve overall performance in complex engineering projects

Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering shows how organizations can become more effective, more efficient, and more responsive, and enjoy better performance outcomes.

With key concepts; challenges faced by system engineering and program management practitioners; a practical framework for how successfully integrating roles to streamline project workflow; a catalog of tools for assessing and deploying best practices; case studies with real-world companies; course outlines and PowerPoint slides; this book can be brought directly into the academic or corporate classroom and provides a direct path to implementation.

Eric Rebentisch, Editor-in-Chief

February 2017

The Guide to Lean Enablers for Managing Engineering Programs


Taking on large-scale engineering programs is one of the most difficult, risky, and, when done well, rewarding undertakings a government or company can attempt. It not only pushes the envelope of what is possible, but defines a new envelope. It generates capabilities, technologies, products, and systems that are unique, have never been available before, and generate massive societal benefits— from hybrid cars to a trip to the moon, from road networks to GPS navigation, and from carbon-neutral electricity sources to the smart city. On the other hand, such programs present formidable challenges.

In this Guide, the Joint MIT-PMI-INCOSE Lean in Program Management Community of Practice (CoP) – composed of selected subject matter experts from industry, government, and academia – studied the application of “lean principles” to challenges encountered on programs and developed a set of unique, relevant, and actionable recommendations for program managers – these are the Lean Enablers.

Eric Rebentish, Co-Author

May 2012