Our research and consortium activities generate a number of different publications and products.  Additionally, we have a rich heritage of research spanning many years that is also of value to academics and practitioners interested in program excellence.

Our Focal Areas

System Engineering and Project Management Integration

  • Design and Evolution of High Performance Enterprise Product Development Systems
  • Collaboration and Alignment Mechanisms Across Functions in Product Development

Complex Systems Design and Management

  • Sociotechnical System Complexity Assessment and Management
  • Evolutionary System Architecting and Development Strategies
  • Platform Architectures and Commonality

Lean and Agile Project Management

  • Portfolio, Program and Project Management Approaches
  • Enterprise Change Management

Strategy Implementation

Organizational Design and Change

Product Development

Recent Presentations & Publications

Sloppy Goals and Objectives: Lethal to Strategy Implementation

by Vic Tang The core idea of strategy is to do something. The doing is implementation. Our hypotheses are that properly framed goals and objectives significantly enable the effectiveness of doing. And that conversely, sloppy goals and objectives dramatically exacerbate the strategy-to-implementation gap. Therefore, the central theme of this article is how to systematically specify clear goals […]

The Missing Sociotechnical Systems Elements for Strategy to Implementation

by George Roth and Eric Rebentisch Challenges arise when leaders are making decisions at one time and place and the efforts to carry them out are with others elsewhere in another time and place. Whether that elsewhere is in another galaxy or organization, these are recurring parallels for strategy and its implementation in business organizations. These failures are […]

Impedances that Cause Strategy-to-Implementation Gaps

by Vic Tang On the subject of the strategy-to-implementation gap, we adopt a new tactic. Instead of concentrating on success factors, we focus on the factors that can predict unsatisfactory and failed implementations. We intend to reason systematically and methodically to avoid disadvantages of crude “buy low, sell high” type maxims and proverbs. Specifically, we […]

Our Projects

CEPE works with a variety of collaborators from time-to-time on discrete projects focused on specific areas of our research.

Our Books

From our extensive body of research and collaboration with peers in the field, CEPE has authored several books to help put theory into practice.