The Consortium for Engineering Program Excellence (CEPE) is a research group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and part of the Sociotechnical Systems Research Center (SSRC) at the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS).

Our mission is to enable success with complex, large-scale engineering programs by integrating their technical and social elements using systems thinking and methods. We are the research group that creates evidence-based research and tools to make that possible.

We collaborate in our research with sponsors and participants from industry and government.

Our vision for the future is that:

Complex engineering programs consistently delight their stakeholders.

We strive to achieve our mission by:

The key knowledge areas of Project and Program Management, Systems Engineering and Product Development, Lean and Agile Thinking, and Organizational Change.

Management activities on the key areas of creating a respectful environment for knowledge work, increasing effectiveness by clearly defining stakeholder value, and maximizing efficiency through the elimination of waste.

Defining the root causes of engineering program challenges, clarifying improvement needs, and identifying, developing and describing drivers of top engineering program performance.

Help our members to identify and create best practices, and make them their practices in their engineering programs, with the objective to consistently achieve world-class cost, schedule and technical performance.

Networking and Community Building:
Creating a vibrant community of leading organizations and experts in the fields of program management, systems engineering and lean thinking to facilitate experience exchange and community learning.

Policy Advising:
Support key decision makers in government and industry to eliminate barriers to widespread use of best practices.

Our Leadership

CEPE is led by Dr. Eric Rebentisch whose work achieves impact through academic and practitioner-oriented publications, as well as training and policy-advising in both government and industry organizations.

His primary areas of research include Closing the Strategy-to-Implementation Gap, High Performance Enterprise Product Development, Enterprise Change Management, and System Architecting and Development Strategies.

Dr. Eric Rebentisch

Dr. Eric S. Rebentisch